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Welcome to HippieDrone, i’m Reggie, the man beneath the drone.

When I was 21 my two mates and I came up with a brilliant idea, to travel where no man had been before, to take on the world for 365 days with nothing but a backpack, a map and a sense of adventure.

For 2 years we worked and saved, scrimped and penny pinched, lived, breathed and dreamed of this adventure and then the time came when we were cashed up and ready to go so we threw a party then hit the road.

We didn’t exactly go where no man had gone before because thats pretty difficult so we went to Europe, Canada and the USA.

We did what we set out to do, we traveled for 365 days and I loved every minute of it but I don’t remember much of that trip, not because it was over 30yrs ago but because I was drunk most of the time but nonetheless out of that trip I gained and addiction to travel which still takes up most of my daydreaming hours to this very day.

The next addiction/obsession that was to intertwine itself into my traveling daydreams was photography.

I’ve done a few long trips since that first one and now instead of stumbling in the door of some crowded hostel at 5am i’m sneaking out the door with camera in hand to catch the morning light, to breath in the morning air, to sit peacefully taking in the moment while taking a few photos.

I like seeing the world differently, more closely, more attentively, more intricately and I do that through photography and now as I travel with a drone I have a whole new perspective of photography

These photos are a collection of my travels from home and abroad over the past few years.